Apple Store down: users face issues accessing Apple’s website

Downdetector also suggests that users are facing an issue accessing Apple’s website as many reported an outage on Apple Store. The website shows a message: ‘an error occurred while processing this directive.’ Apple’s System Status page does not reflect any issues with the online store or other services that are facing an issue.

Apple Store

It’s worth mentioning not all web pages on the Apple website are going through this issue; the Store page, iPhone page, AirPods page, Accessories page, and Support page are working fine.

A few days ago, the Apple store faced a similar issue where users reported that the App Store stopped working moments after iOS 16 was released and showed an error pop-up. App Store asked users to agree to new service terms and conditions, but clicking on the agree button resulted in an error message. This App Store not working issue was not exclusive to the latest iOS 16 users; folks running their iPhones on previous versions of iOS witnessed the same issue.

Again, at that time, like today, Apple’s System Status page didn’t show any ongoing outage with the App Store servers either. And again, the root cause of the issue is unknown. 

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