Apple Watch Series 8 to sport built-in camera, to be hidden in digital crown

Apple has a huge fan following across the world, and that’s one of the reasons why the tech giant keeps launching fresh gadgets and updates back-to-back each year in order to live up to the expectations.

The Cupertino-based company launches many products under its brand including smartphones, laptops, headphones and smartwatch.

While the Apple fans wait patiently for WWDC 2022, the tech company is secretly working on some major updates related to its smartwatch, which is also the top contender of Samsung Galaxy in the same category.

If reports are to be believed, the tech company has filed for a new patent for the Apple Watch which will come with some major improvements which will allow users to snap picture on their Apple Watch itself.

The new patent, which was filed by Apple recently, has been leaked online. According to the patent, the camera will be fitted in the digital crown of the Apple Watch and will let the user point at an object and click an image while keeping the traditional digital crown’s navigating feature intact.


The leaked image of the patent also shows a circuitry that features a light emitter for the camera sensor, which will probably work as a flash module for the Apple Watch.

The report further revealed that Apple filed the patent in 2019 itself.

With this key feature coming to Apple Watch, capturing a moment on the go will literally become a reality as the user will not need to remove the smartphone from their pocket or bags and lose the frame, but just use their smartwatch to snap a picture.

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