Apple’s new software iPadOS 16 likely to turn iPad into a laptop

Apple’s planning some big updates for the iPad and the announcement will be made at the tech giant’s annual event, WWDC 2022, which is all set to kick off next week.

According to reports, Apple is planning to bring significant changes to the iPad’s software in a push to make the device more like a laptop and less like a smartphone.

Things could change for the better with the upcoming iPadOS16 which will introduce new features to make the iPad more compatible for multi-tasking, just like a laptop or a desktop.

The new software update will let people see what apps are open and switch between them. It will also allow users to resize app windows and offer different ways to handle multiple open apps at once, a report in
Bloomberg said.

iPad users can run apps either in a full-screen view like on an iPhone or run two apps simultaneously side by side. Users are also able to add a scaled-down version of a third app by sliding it over from the side.


The upcoming iPad interface will be one of the major upgrades announcement at the WWDC 2022. Apple will also announce software upgrade for the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

The Cupertino-based company holds the conference each year to announce their new device enhancements, upgrades, features for developers and tech enthusiasts.

Meanwhile for iOS 16, which will be the next software version for the iPhone, Apple is reported to feature a new lock screen display with widgets. Though the tech giant will be making several announcement at the WWDC 2022 starting from June 6, the updates will only be made public during the fall when Apple starts shipping new devices.

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