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Google Chrome is testing new translation options that might make web browsing easier without users having to encounter any language barriers. The popular browser from the tech giant already allows translation to and from multiple languages, however, Chrome tends to translate the whole web page which can be unnecessary at times. Google is now experimenting with a new ability for its browser to translate partial or selected texts. According to a report by 9to5Google, a Reddit user spotted Google Chrome’s new ability to “translate partial text on a webpage,” a feature which is still under development.
The most important function of this feature is its ability to “translate text highlighted on the page by the user.” However, it is important to note that these features are live but not functional in the latest Chrome Canary update. The company has not shared any information about the timeline of this feature coming to the stable builds of Google Chrome, but it is expected to happen gradually, the report suggests.
How Google Chrome translation currently works
Presently, Google Chrome’s integrated Translation tool works on the whole page which might not be apt for pages that only include some specific portions in a different language. Moreover, the tool only works in one language at one time. This means current users can’t translate the whole page into multiple languages, they can just use a single preferred language for these functions.
How will Google Chrome’s new translate options work
As per the report, Google Chrome is testing a “new bubble UI” that is expected to appear on the Omnibox (address bar) and will be able to translate selected portions of text marked by the user. Users can either press the Omnibox button or can right-click the required text and select the “translate to” option. Meanwhile, the new UI will also have the option to translate the full webpage like before. The report also mentions that this feature isn’t currently functional but Google’s inclusion of this feature makes its intentions clear.
Switching between languages to translate
Google Chrome’s new translation experience will offer another feature that will help users to switch between languages to translate more easily. Currently, users have to dig through the Settings menu to change the translation language or to add more languages. This new UI will offer to switch between multiple languages much easier on Google Chrome where users will get a complete scrolling list of the languages that the browser offers.
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