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Android users commonly use the Google Assistant to set reminders that use a built-in Assistant system which is officially known as “Google Reminders” and can be found on Apart from adding a date and time, users have long been able to specify a location for reminders. According to a report by 9to5Google, some users who have recently visited the page have been displayed a blue banner that says: “Soon you’ll no longer be able to set reminders at locations. Learn more about alternatives.” Lastly, Google added a dark theme to its Assistant in September 2021 and has rarely updated the Assistant reminders. The report suggests that the company has now decided to get rid of the Google Assistant’s ability to “set reminders at locations.” However, it is important to note that users can still create reminders at a certain time and set routines for a location.
Alternatives suggested by Google
Google’s decision to remove a common Assistant action has been a surprise for some users. The report claims that Google has suggested Assistant Routines as an alternative. Moreover, even Google Keep offers location reminders.
The reason behind Google’s decision
The report suggests that the company has decided to remove this Google Assistant tool as the system behind it has not been updated for quite a long time. Voice interactions are fine, but the list UI that is visible for the users is quite bad on Android. Moreover, the blue banner announcing the company’s decision is not even legible with the new dark theme.
Google Assistant to lose other abilities
The company has also confirmed that the ability to “assign a reminder to someone” (which was introduced in 2019) is also going away on the same help page. However, the company has not announced a particular time when these features will be removed and currently they seem to work just fine.
The report also mentions that Google is cleaning up the Assistant app to introduce the “Memory” feature that is reportedly under development since last year. This upcoming feature is expected to “supercharge saving and reminders on Android.”
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