Google is here to help you land a job! New AI will assist you prep for placement interviews

Google is continuously updating its tools to deliver up-to-date tech to its customers. Now in a latest development, the search engine giant has launched a new Interview Warmup website which will help people prepare for their job interview.

The tech company is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help guide applicants in the right direction so they can land a job.

The tool invites candidates to horn their skills and gain confidence by getting insights on job-related questions and their answers. The tool was originally designed to help Google Career Certificate learns and is now open to anyone looking for a job.

The feature is part of Grow Google.

“A quick way to prepare for your next interview in Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design, E-Commerce. Practice key questions, get insights about your answers, and get more comfortable interviewing.


How Does It Work?
Once you click on the ‘Start Practicing’ button on the website, it will take you to a new page with different job fields. Choose the career of your choice.

Once you have chosen a field, you will get an option of answering five interview questions. Once you are done, you will get to review your answers and discover insights.

You also have the option of seeing all the questions at once.

Asked questions cover background, situational, and technical, with text-to-speech leveraged throughout the experience.

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