iPhone 13 Price | iPhone 12 Price: Buy an iPhone 13 at Rs 60K, iPhone 12 at Rs 40K; Amazon & Flipkart deals make Apple devices affordable

It’s raining iPhones! The monsoon season has come with a slew of deals and discounts for all those who have been planning to invest in their first iPhones.

Apple’s premium line of smartphones, the iPhones have been consistently winning followers around the world. Hailed as one of the most simple and easy-to-use smartphones, the iPhones are known for offering one of the best user-experiences.

If you have been planning to buy an iPhone, perhaps this is the best time to take the plunge. Amazon and Flipkart are offering a slew of lucrative deals to take home the iPhone of your choice.

iPhone 13 Gets Pocket-Friendly

Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 13, is now being offered with attractive discounts. The 128GB storage variant was launched at an MRP of Rs 79,900, however, latest deals and exchange schemes have brought down the price considerably.

Amazon is offering iPhone 13 with 14 per cent discount at Rs 68,900. There is an exchange discount of up to Rs 9,500 which further brings down the price to Rs 59,400. Meanwhile, Flipkart is offering the same device with a 7 per cent discount at Rs 74, 209. The e-tailer is also offering an exchange discount of up to Rs 14, 500 bringing down the price to Rs 59, 709.

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Massive Deals on iPhone 12

Flipkart is offering exciting deals on the iPhone 12 series. The 64GB model which is priced at Rs 65,900 comes with a 21 per cent discount at Rs 51,999. Besides, the company is also offering an exchange scheme of up to Rs 12,500 bringing down the price to Rs 39, 499.

Both e-commerce giants are offering exchange schemes which further bring the price down. Users need to see and compare from both the websites to make the most of their first iPhone purchase. Exchange schemes on both Amazon and Flipkart are highly dependent on the working condition of the smartphone that has been traded in.

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