Loab, an AI-Generated Woman, Is Haunting the Internet

Images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become quite popular on the internet. There are several applications and tools widely available that allow users to create such images by simply entering the text or phrase in AI text-to-image generators. But in recent weeks, a corpse-like figure has spooked social media, which the users claim “haunts every image she touches”. The AI-generated woman was first discovered by Supercomposite, a Swedish musician, who has been posting images of the figure on his Twitter handle.

“I discovered this woman, who I call Loab, in April. The AI reproduced her more easily than most celebrities. Her presence is persistent, and she haunts every image she touches. CW: Take a seat. This is a true horror story, and veers sharply macabre,” Supercomposite’s tweet posted earlier this month read.



The image was created by a series of some negatively weighted prompts on AI applications and according to users, has persisted when AI is asked to move away from the subject.

A negatively weighted prompt tells AI to create an image that “is opposite of the prompt”.

What or who is Loab?

According to CNET, it is an amalgamation of human features in the shape of an older woman generated by an AI tool. It does not exist in reality and was created by Supercomposite using image prompts.

However, it is not known which AI image generator Supercomposite used.

“Scariest Thing On Earth”

Last month, an AI application created the images of “scariest thing on Earth”, while responding to the queries from users. The results are horrifying, with the images showing monsters with long sharp teeth and empty eye sockets.

The platform used was Craiyon AI, formerly known as Dall-E mini AI generator.

These systems are trained on millions of real images, which the AI goes through to understand the patterns and uses it to respond to user queries.

AI image generators started going viral earlier this year when social media users discovered its ability to create funny and scary images and started posting about it.

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