‘Meta Quest Pro’ leaked video reveals headset, controller design of Meta’s upcoming virtual reality headset

The tech company Meta has been testing and teasing off Project Cambria VR (virtual reality) headset that will soon be sold as the ‘Meta Quest Pro‘. Earlier, CEO Mark Zuckerberg had informed that the much-anticipated headset will be launched in October and is the more advanced device than the current Quest 2.

While there’s still time for the official launch, several images and videos of the upcoming virtual reality headset have reportedly emerged online after a Facebook user claims to have found the device in a hotel room.

A man named Ramiro Cardenas took to Facebook where he shared images and then a video of the VR headset, as he claimed that he found the upcoming ‘Meta Quest Pro’ inside a hotel room recently.

The images and video surfaced exactly one month ahead of Meta’s Connect event on October 11.

The device features the Project Cambria headset Meta has been openly touting since late last year, and it resembles the setup videos that have surfaced online.

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In the video, Cardenas can be seen taking the device out of its packaging to reveal a black headset and controller with what appears to be an upgraded style.

As per media reports, the headset comes packed with three cameras on its front, while the controllers feature a design that drops the hollowed-out loop design that houses the sensors for something more solid.
The Verge report said that Cardenas originally shared the images in the comment section of a post on the Oculus Quest 2 Facebook group and said multiple devices were left behind.

As per the leaked video and images, the packaging has the ‘Meta Quest Pro’ label stamped in the top-left corner and a graphic showing the VR headset and controllers.

Cardenas also provided a closeup of the label stuck to the box, which said “Not for resale — engineering sample”. As per a report in
The Verge the person who stayed in the room has since claimed the headsets, Cardenas said.

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