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Quordle is a tougher version of the New York Times-owned game Wordle that has multiple answers and takes up a lot of time for the users who try to figure it out and solve them. To make it easy for the enthusiasts to find the right answers in a prompt we have provided a few Quordle hints and the answers for today. Are you ready for today’s Quordle answer?
Quordle 134 hints for June 7, 2022
There is both a good side and a bad side to today’s puzzle. The good thing about today’s puzzle is that four out of five letters are common. If players can figure out one, they will be automatically able to figure out the others as well. Meanwhile, two words come with the double-letter dilemma that players need to be careful about. Check the clues here to know more about the words.
The four words begin with the letters — C, B, L and B
The words end with — `K, Y, E and K
The clue for Word 1 — device to measure time
The clue for Word 2 — likes to order people around
The clue for Word 3 — a feudal superior or sovereign
The clue for Word 4 — a large solid piece of hard material with flat surface on each side
These Quordle hints and clues will help you to get closer to today’s answer and will help you find the solutions you seek. The answers for Quordle 134 for June 7, 2022, are also mentioned below for your ease. Here are the Quordle 134 answers for today.
Quordle 134 answers for June 7, 2022
This section reveals the answers to today’s Quordle. If you are unable to solve today’s word puzzle you can use the help of these answers given below. Spoiler Alert!
The answers for Quordle 134 are:

These clues and hints will help you to get to the right answer for today’s Quordle. If you are still unable to solve it you can check the answers above. We will be back with Quordle 135 hints and answer for June 8 , 2022. Stay tuned!

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