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Samsung has released the OTA update and complete changelog for One UI Watch 4.5 to testers. Galaxy Watch beta testers have now reported that the Galaxy Watch 4 is now running Wear OS 3.5. In addition to the version upgrade, the One UI Watch 4.5 also brings improvements in areas like notifications, watch screen and more.
As per the reports, notifications now show more content and information than before. The update notification also allows users to draft message responses and zoom in on emojis.
The Samsung keyboard with the latest update supports QWERTY layout which makes it a good alternative to Gboard. The keyboard switching has also been improved.
In addition to that, the update also includes updated watch faces and dual SIM function.
Here’s a complete changelog:
Watch screen
New duo edge/box complication are added.
The watch screen has been upgraded.
Call, Contact
Dual SIM function & Ul are added.
A gif msg play is supported at message.
New unified composer: Launch with integrated keyboard, stt, and scramble functions, and draft function support.
Subtext field support: Display additional information such as Gmail account name.
Single unicode emoticon zoom: Supports noti body enlargement function consisting of one emoticon.
Support Qwerty Layout, Continuous Input
Support seamless input of Keyboard/Handwriting/Voice Input.
Add date, alarm name, notification, etc. to alarm setting.

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