Weekly poll results: the Realme GT Neo 3T struggles to attract fans

Last week’s poll shows that the Realme GT Neo 3T is not viable at its regular price of €430 (and the temporary €30 discount isn’t enough). What went wrong?

Well, you can have the same hardware for less money and you don’t even need to spend much time looking – Realme’s own GT Neo2 is basically the same phone, save for the charging (65W vs. 80W) and camera (the Neo2 actually has a slightly bigger sensor). And it can be yours for €330, €100 less than the 3T.

The 3T just felt outdated to some commenters. The Snapdragon 870 is a fine, efficient chipset, but is quite old now and doesn’t look good in the €400 price segment. The 1/2.0” 64MP sensor is hard to get excited about as well.

Weekly poll results: the Realme GT Neo 3T struggles to attract fans

This result shouldn’t be too surprising, the GT Neo2 itself was eyed with doubt when it launched, but it did find a decent number of supporters. Releasing nearly the same hardware six months later was never going to be a popular move.

Anyway, cheaper phones may not be GT Neo 3T’s biggest worry – instead it was compared to similarly priced and even to more expensive phones and it was found lacking. Indeed, more people would rather spend €600 for a Realme GT Neo 3 (non-T) than get a 3T.

Of course, the GT Neo2 and GT Neo 3 are just the in-house alternatives – competing companies have many excellent alternatives in the this price segment.

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