Job seekers held for protesting outside Jaipur Congress office

Several job seekers, including activists, who were protesting outside the Congress office in Rajasthan’s Jaipur, were arrested by the police on Friday.

Protestors outside the Pradesh Congress office in Jaipur on Thursday. (Photo: Twitter/@TheUpenYadav)

Scores of unemployed youths, including activists, who had been protesting to make the Ashok Gehlot-led government pay heed to their demands to bring in notifications for recruitment in different fields, have been put under police custody in Jaipur.

Several of those who have been put under arrest, including activist Upen Yadav, were seen protesting outside the Pradesh Congress office in Jaipur on Thursday.

The police had booked protestors seeking employment outside the state Congress office under Section 151 on the charge of disturbing peace.

When India Today spoke with Upen Yadav at Sanjay Circle police station, he claimed that they had been arrested by the police at the behest of the ruling Congress.

“We had been protesting peacefully outside the Congress office. Yet, we were arrested by the police and brought to the police station. Dotasra (state Congress chief) was protesting along with other Congress leaders in Jaipur against ED action and had even broken the barricade. Yet, no action was taken against them because they are in power.” Yadav mentioned to India Today.

“They had been protesting outside the Congress office in Jaipur. There were complaints against them by the shopkeepers who have shops in the vicinity as they had been occupying the road and had not vacated even when asked to.”, Shafiq Khan, SHO, Sanjay Circle police station, mentioned to India Today.

” In total of 84 people were booked. Ten of them, including me, have been booked under four different cases. We have got bail in one case but the police has been victimising us at the behest of Congress,” Yadav mentioned.

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