Subway Announces Contest To Get Free Sandwiches For Life, But There’s A Catch

Fast food has become a quick, affordable and tasty option for people across the world. Be it a burger or some fries, tacos or sandwiches – there are so many places for foodies to choose from. Popular sandwich chain Subway is one such fast food joint that is a hot favourite among diners. What if we told you that it was possible to get a lifetime supply of Subway sandwiches for free? Recently, the Subway in USA launched a contest for people to come and get their much-loved sandwiches for free. Wondering what the catch was? They would have to get inked with a tattoo first! Take a look at the post on Twitter by Subway’s official handle.

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Subway has launched its new Subway Series menu with 12 different and unique varieties of sandwiches on it. This contest will give its winners a lifetime supply if they fulfill the stipulated condition of getting a tattoo.

The size and dimensions of the tattoo would be in proportion with the cash prize, offered on a first-come, first serve basis. For instance, a 2 by 2-inch tattoo on the wrist, bicep or foot would win you Subway footlong sandwiches for a month. If you get a 3 by 3-inch tattoo on your shoulder blade, calf, or arm, they would reward you with a year’s supply of free sandwiches. And the grand prize – a 12 by 12-inch tattoo on the sternum or back which would mean a lifetime supply of Subway sandwiches worth $50,000 as per the conditions on the website.

The bizarre yet intriguing contest caught the attention of many people on Twitter. Some found the idea interesting while others did not find it appealing.

Take a look at the reactions to the post:

Would you get inked for your favourite fast food brand? Tell us your thoughts about this contest in the comments below.

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