Summer Special: NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream Launches 3 New Ice Cream Flavours

Summer is here and so is the time to indulge in everything cool and soothing. It is that time of the year when our refrigerators are packed with cold water, soft drinks and refreshing juices. Another such thing that makes way into our freezer is ice cream. A sweet and creamy delight, ice cream helps uplift our mood in just no time. This is why, we love keeping ice cream tubs of different flavours in store for whenever we need them. To make ice cream yet more desirable for all, NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream brand recently launched three new flavours that will be sold nationwide.

It is a limited collection of ice creams, available in the flavours – Belgian Chocolate, Chickoo, and Jackfruit. While the Belgian chocolate ice cream is a rich, creamy and delicious avatar of Belgian chocolate, the chickoo ice cream is packed with the goodness of the fruit. Then we have the jackfruit ice cream that transforms the exotic fruit into delicious ice cream – perfect for the ones who enjoy something unique on their palate.


As per an official statement, these flavours will be available in major retailers and online platforms across India. “These new creations include a rich, creamy and delicious taste as they use only 100 per cent natural ingredients and pure milk in all of their products along with no artificial flavours colours, or preservatives,” the statement reads.

Speaking about the newly launched flavours Sanjiv Indar Shah, Director, Walko Food Company Pvt Ltd, said, “The newly launched summer flavours not only include mesmerising names, but are also a reflection of tastes of Millennials and Gen Z. We look at major trends and what consumers want in their treats when developing new flavours to guarantee that we’re introducing creative tastes and growing the diversity of flavours and perks that our fans will enjoy. In addition, by the end of this month, we plan to launch spicy guava, lychee, and kala jamun.”

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