This Frozen Yogurt Dessert Can be Prepared In Just 5 Minutes (Recipe Inside)

We just love devouring some sweet dish after a wholesome meal; right? It seems like dessert helps us get a wholesome meal experience. It uplifts our mood too. But what do we do about the excess calorie intake?! Sweet dishes include sugar and trans-fat which leads to several health issues including obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and more. What do we do then? Give up on sweets?! Of course not. Instead, we should look for sweet dishes that are healthy and help curb your sugar cravings. One such dish we recently came across is frozen yogurt. Wonder what it is? Frozen yogurt is dessert made with yogurt. It in fact includes same basic ingredients used to prepare an ice cream, along with some healthy bacteria (probiotics). It is tartier that ice cream, but has very low-fat content. You can either have this frozen yogurt as is, or add some other ingredients to make it tastier.  

Recently, we tried one such frozen yogurt dessert that left us wanting for more. That is why we thought of sharing the recipe with you. It is called tropical yogurt. Perfect for summer, this dish contains fruits of your choice, nuts and some muesli for the added crunch. And the best part is, you can prepare this dish in just five minutes. Besides being a perfectly healthy dessert, tropical yogurt also makes for a wholesome breakfast on a hot summer morning. It is quick and easy to make and keeps you full for long. Sound perfect; isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the recipe.  

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Frozen yogurt can be used to make healthy and tasty desserts.

Yogurt Dessert Recipe | How To make Tropical Yogurt:  

To make this dish, you need frozen yogurt, tropical fruits, muesli, almond and cranberry crunch. For fruits, you can go as creative as you want – use mango, kiwi, pineapple, berries, jamun or anything of your choice. We used mangoes while trying the dish.  

Once you have all the ingredients, take a glass or mason jar and make a layer of cranberry almond crunch and muesli. Then top it with layer of fresh fruits. Then add a layer of original frozen yogurt.  

Further layer with cranberry almond crunch, muesli and fresh fruits; and finally, top with a layer of frozen yogurt with the swirl. And serve chilled.  

Click here for the detailed tropical yogurt recipe.

Try this dish today and let us know how you liked it.

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