Confidence Vote Over UK PM Boris Johnson’s Leadership Starts

London: The Confidence Vote over UK PM Boris Johnson’s leadership has started. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing allegations around partygate, the scandal surrounding government officials breaching coronavirus rules with illegal lockdown gatherings. Johnson has already been fined for one such party, for his birthday in June 2020, when his wife Carrie brought a cake to the Cabinet Room and has also been fined along with UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak.Also Read – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Face Confidence Vote

The Conservative Party’s confidence vote in their leader Boris Johnson is underway while the Tory MPs have two hours to cast their votes in Parliament, and the result will be announced an hour after that, at 9 p.m. local time (4 p.m. ET). Also Read – British PM Boris Johnson Has THIS To Say Over MP Allegedly Watching Porn In Parliament

In a speech to his fellow Conservative lawmakers, Prime Minister Boris Johnson argued that the best was yet to come if they continued to support him, and that he would prove an election winner for a second time. Also Read – UK to Provide More Military Equipment to Ukraine, Reopen Embassy in Kyiv: Johnson to Zelensky

Boris Johnson is believed to have been linked with around six out of the 12 lockdown parties under police investigation. The Sunday Times’ quoted a source as saying that a leaving drinks gathering for Number 10 Downing Street’s outgoing director of communications, Lee Cain, in November 2020 was allegedly “instigated” by Johnson.

“He said he wanted to say a few words for Lee and started pouring drinks for people and drinking himself. He toasted him,” the source was quoted as saying.

It has led to renewed Opposition calls for Johnson, 57, to step down. Labour Party Deputy Leader Angela Rayner said that “if the latest reports are true”, it means “not only did the Prime Minister attend parties, but he had a hand in instigating at least one of them”.

Rayner accused him of deliberately misleading the British people at every turn.

She added: “While the British public was making huge sacrifices, Boris Johnson was breaking the law. The Prime Minister has demeaned his office. The British people deserve better. While Labour has a plan for tackling the cost-of-living crisis, Tory MPs are too busy defending the indefensible actions of Boris Johnson.”

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