The Right Stuff: Now, A Dating App For People With Same Political Ideology

The Right Stuff: So many times, it happens that two people meet, and with a spark, their relationship takes off like a rocket. Everything seems just perfect, and they complement each other like a flower and its scent. But out of the blue there peeps in the point of view, just one, and that one is enough to derail the smooth sailing train of love. That single viewpoint is different political leanings. Not really a happy and desirable abrupt end to something so beautiful. That is why a new dating app has been designed to help single people to mingle with like-minded ones, of course, with similar political ideologies.Also Read – Avoid Dating These Zodiac Signs at All Costs

Say hello to The Right Stuff dating app that has been conceived to help conservatives meet like-minded people. The prospect of finding love in the process also goes up. Even though there are a number of dating apps on the store, they mostly cater to the general public or specific use-cases. Also Read – Tinder Launches Blind Dates Feature, Wants You to Judge Matches Based on Personality & Not Looks | Explained

Former US president Donald Trump launched the Truth Social Network for this purpose only and a few others have been already there, like Parler but didn’t seem to serve the purpose. January 6 US Capitol Hill riot is just one of the uncertain dicey outcomes. Also Read – Using Dating Apps? 19% Indians Admit Paying For Background Checks On Partners, Reveals Survey

The self-explanatory name, The Right Stuff, is a dating app that caters to the right wing, specifically, young conservatives. Ryann McEnany, the younger sister of former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany launched the app and also stars in the promotional video on the website.

With a big launch and similar names, The Right Stuff has the backing and blessings of several high-profile people, including billionaire and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. One of the headlining features of The Right Stuff app is that it only caters to “ladies and gentlemen” – there’s no option for users to add pronouns to their profile. At the moment, the app is only for heterosexual users, although it may include same-sex relationships in the future, according to The Hill.

How The Right Stuff App Works

According to the website, the app is invite-only, meaning it isn’t immediately accessible to all users. It isn’t clear how the approval process works, but users do have the ability to invite friends to join. The app is completely free to use, but women automatically get upgraded to a premium subscription when they invite friends to join. Men, on the other hand, will need to pay if they want access to premium features, reports

Once a user receives an invite to join the app, they’ll begin by creating their profile. This includes adding photos and answering questions based on one of the many prompts. Some of the prompts include “Alexa, Change The,” “Favorite Liberal Lie,” and “A Random Fact I Love About America Is.” Once the profile is complete, users can view other profiles in the area or expand this to “everywhere”. The app also has a messaging section, where users can chat with other users who have liked them back, adds

After users ‘like’ one or more profiles, they can ‘Create a Date’ on the app. This includes a location, date and time, and a description of what the user’s ideal date would look like. The date can be visible to anyone on the app, or only the profiles the user has liked. Other users can respond to the date by tapping “I’m interested” to get the conversation started. The Right Stuff app will launch in September this year but interested users can sign up on the website for early access.

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