Washington DC Shooting: 1 Minor Feared Dead, Cop Among Those Hit with Bullet Injuries Near Juneteenth Music Concert Site

Washington: A shooting in Washington D.C. on Sunday night has left multiple people injured, including one police officer. The shooting reportedly happened near the site of the Juneteenth Music Concert and a hunt for the suspect is on. As many as 3 people injured in the shooting has been shifted to a nearby hospital.Also Read – Burlington update: 5 killed in Washington mall shooting

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department told Fox News that multiple people were shot, including one police officer, during a shooting on U Street. Officials can be seen assisting multiple people who are lying on the street in video from the scene of the shooting. Also Read – At least 4 dead at shooting at Washington state mall: police

The shooting took place during Moechella, which is described as an “Advocacy Festival Amplifying the Culture of Washington DC,” Fox News reported.

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