Watch: Brazilian man escapes accident miraculously

—Screengrab via YouTube/NDTV
—Screengrab via YouTube/NDTV

In a horrifying video from Maracanaú, Ceará in Brazil, a man can be seen miraculously escaping death after a huge truck lost control and almost jumped on him, reported NDTV.

The video, now going viral, shows a speeding truck accidentally hitting a truck. As a result, the vehicle almost flies to its right and jumps onto the bystander. 

In the CCTV footage, the truck can be seen in the background while the man stands clueless. As the truck loses control and comes towards the man, it fortunately hits from the side and not the front. 

The man squirms and can be seen trapped between the truck and the wall behind him. The man rushed away from the incident after narrowly escaping death.

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